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    Experience with AMEX for tracking/separating expenses?
    Hello, I'm just starting a small business and looking to use an American Express business card (ex. Business Gold, Business Platinum) for expenses. The may also periodically be used from some trips and expenses that are both business and personal. I have no experience with AMEX's Open platform or its expense tracking/management tools. Can anyone tell me if AMEX provides a relatively easy way to categorize, flag, etc. certain expenses to differentiate business from personal? I'm envisioning something like logging onto the AMEX site, seeing my statement or list of charges and being able to check-box certain ones that I could then generate reports for things like taxes, etc.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


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    "The day is yours. Go get it!"

    - CM
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    Sorry, have never used, but hopefully this bumps you up a bit!

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    Run locksmiths and plumbing businesses
    Mainly work as a local plumber manchester
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