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    California Payroll / Time Tracking Advice Needed…
    Hello Everyone,

    First, let me apologize for the lengthy post. I was just hired by a small California construction company for an IT/Office clerk position and have been tasked with finding a system to help us streamline our business operations when it comes to payroll. I’m hoping that I can lay out all the information I know in regards to our business and payroll and someone can help point me in the right direction of a solution.

    From what I understand, our company filed a 511 with the EDD which allows us to have an alternative workweek of 10-hour days. This means our pay structure is as follows:

    10 hours: Regular Time
    10-12 Hours: Overtime
    12+ Hours: Double Time
    40+ Hours a week: Overtime

    Entering time manually into QuickBooks works find for most of our employees, but we have several employees with multiple wage rates which really throws a wrench into the system. For example:

    Let’s say one of our construction employees has an hourly rate of $20/hr. This same employee also does sales, which is a commission only position ($0/hr. + Commission). This makes trying to figure out the employees pay a bit tricky when it comes to overtime since any overtime acquired when this employee is doing sales would end up being 1.5 x $0/hr.

    Our current solution is to adjust the hours/overtime ratio of the previous day to cover the overtime acquired during sales hours that fell into either the 10+ daily or 40+ weekly overtime limit. This makes for quite a bit of manual factoring and data entry that I feel should either be able to be automated or eliminated.

    First and foremost, is this the correct way of handling overtime for employees with multiple pay rates? If so, can anyone suggest a good payroll / time tracking software solution that will handle this type of scenario? I’ve peeked at a few that will handle California overtime rates but most do not (from what I understand) handle the multiple pay rates very gracefully.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    Hi ChrisAnthony, I saw your post and I think this blog post might be able to answer some of your questions.

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    The payroll that they have has been with other companies and working well for them. They don't have any issues with their data. - Steven C Wyer

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