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    There is a good article regarding; "2019 world economy forecast"
    Its good to get some ideas about political and economic risks about different countries:

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    export import database
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    Importing business is not easy as it requires expertise in management of your supply chain. You need to have reliable sourcing database as well as knowledge how to arrange quality control at the early step of production and before shipment. I have been in this business for over 4 years now while importing to the Netherlands but always have a QC partner to support me on the way and a couple of logistics agents. I found that QC is really troublesome as flew to China a few times myself to do the inspection before shipment , but gave up that way, currently just hire my QC company V-Trust to avoid any surprises that I used to get on delivery.. Let me know if you wanted to discuss this business more in detail, I can share my experience gladly!

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