I have formed a LLC and I'm the only person involved. I need to do two things. 1.)Open bank account 2.)File to be taxed a S-Corp
At this point I will be a shareholder operator with a salary and two more shareholders will be introduced when certificates are formed.

My understanding right now is as a LLC sole proprietorship the company won't need a EIN and I would use my social number in it's place.

When filing for S-Corp tax status I believe I need a EIN.

My questions are:
1.) When declaring S-Corp tax status can I use social as EIN or do I need to obtain EIN? If so should I apply for EIN for S-Corp, or EIN for LLC.
2.) Can I open a bank account now using social number in place of EIN and start purchasing equipment, or should I wait to open account once I am classified as S-Corp status?

If anyone has any insights for me it would be appreciated.