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    banner ad price depends on type of site, usually very expensive. If you need to get your logo out use a banner, otherwise go with google. they key to google is not to include your ads in affilate campaigns. It will get very expensive if do a content network campaign. Content Network=fraud.

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    I've found in my experience that the most important step is to insure that your website is attractive, up to date and easy to use. If you can do all of these things then your current customers will begin to talk about it which will get the initial "street talk" going. Beyond that I would reccomend that you hire an company to do most of the marketing for you. You will never be able to do as good of a job as them and then this will leave you with more time to invest into your actual business.


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    i agree with a few points above, yes content networking does = click fraud & is a real pain. I run a Google AdWords Consultancy here in the UK ( & there's a lot more to AdWords than just entering some Keywords & letting it run itself.

    Things like these do take time & a lot of care, you'll be suprised at the amount of people i speak to who are wasting thousands of pounds each month due to lack of monitoring or adjusting on their accounts.

    If time is a big issue then i highly recommend an Agency or Consultancy with professionals to look after it for you...

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    Web Advertising
    Hi guys, I am new to this forum...

    I tried few attempts of banner advertising but the results weren't as good as ezine ads or other ads methods. Your site visitor will tend to ignore banner ads. Because they feel that banner ads are not genuine, the owner is trying to sell them something.

    In online world, presell and recommendation will always work better than selling straight to your prospect. Nowadays, customers prefer to deal with people who are genuine and sincere.

    Personally, I found that link exchange, ezine ads and search engine optimization will be far more effective than banner ads. I feel that banner ads might even run down your site's image at certain times. It's just my personal experience.

    About Google adwords, if you have some money to invest, it is definately an effective tool to promote your stuff. Same as overture, my personal experience is, overture is so far the most effective par-per-click SE. But, these 2 ways of promotion will require some investment, you have got to calculate your bid and the max you are willing to pay properly. This is because you definately don't want to put a too high bid for an ad copy which it not proven to work right, in another words, the ad copy is just a trial copy. On the opposite, if you are sure that your ad copy will give you a 2% conversion rate, then you will have a better control to minimize your risk and forecast your return of investment.

    I got to stop here or I might keep on writting and writting. Till then, take care buddy and all the best in business...

    Phyllis Lee

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    Simplenetbob, and others - thanks a ton for the great tips.

    - 24

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    Web advertising is important for promote the business, without advertising is not easy to promote it.Social media is Best for advertising.

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    You should like at the sites stats first on your own not what they say or what media kit they give you. Use or PR tool bar so you can get a feel of their traffic before you start looking at paying money. Adwords is great, make sure your budget is right. If you dont know what you are doing you are going to lose money quickly. Negative keywords or long tail suggestions can greatly help your campaign, adjust your bids daily.

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    Web advertising is some what advertising your product online by having a website. I don't have much idea about the prize because I have not designed a web site yet.

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    ppc management
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    Hi everyone,

    I've created an Google AdWords course designed for small business owners and their staff.

    It's 39 lectures and covers everything you need to know to research, develop and optimise winning AdWords marketing campaigns for your business.

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    Over 39 lectures and 2.5 hours of content!
    Expertly research the most profitable keywords in your industry.
    Develop AdWords campaigns to a professional standard, that focuses on helping you meet specific, measurable commercial goals for your business.
    Develop AdWords campaigns that are structured properly, have high quality scores and ultimately give your business a competitive advantage over other advertisers.
    Use the full range of tools available to manage and optimise your campaigns, driving up your return on investment each month.
    Improve your marketing on Google by implementing powerful tips and tricks that help you save money while driving more leads.
    Use your new knowledge to take control over your PPC marketing, maximising your businesses chances of success.
    Credit your account with a free 75 voucher, to help launch your brand new optimised AdWords campaigns.

    Use the lecture as a “handbook for AdWords” within your business, able to refer back to it, whenever you need it.

    Section 1 – Advertising On Google: Core Principles

    Lecture 1: Intro: What Is Google AdWords? (07:14)
    Lecture 2: How Google Organises & Ranks Competing Adverts (07:27)
    Lecture 3: The Search & Display Networks (04:22)
    Lecture 4: The AdWords Account Dashboard (12:55)
    Lecture 5: Live Demonstration: The AdWords account dashboard (05:04)
    Lecture 6: Optimising Your Landing Pages To Improve Quality Scores (04:10)
    Lecture 7: Keyword Match Types (07:40)

    Section 2 – Building Your AdWords Campaigns

    Lecture 8: How To Research Profitable Keywords (05:55)
    Lecture 9: How To Structure Your AdWords Campaigns (06:07)
    Lecture 10: Live Demonstration: Adding keywords (03:44)
    Lecture 11: Live Demonstration: Adding negative keywords (02:07)
    Lecture 12: Writing Winning Text Adverts (07:07)
    Lecture 13: Dynamic Keyword Insertion Tokens (06:00)
    Lecture 14: Ad Extensions (06:17)
    Lecture 15: Live Demonstration: Ad Extensions (05:05)

    Section 3 – Remarketing On AdWords

    Lecture 16: What Is Remarketing? (04:15)
    Lecture 17: Live Demonstration: Setting Up Your Remarketing Campaign (03:40)

    Section 4 – Campaign Settings

    Lecture 18: Campaign Type (02:25)
    Lecture 19: Networks (00:52)
    Lecture 20: Devices (00:40)
    Lecture 21: Location Targeting (02:1
    Lecture 22: Languages (01:02)
    Lecture 23: Bid Strategy (5 slides)
    Lecture 24: Delivery Method (3 slides)

    Section 5 – Performance Tracking

    Lecture 25: Live Demonstration: Setting Up Conversion Tracking (03:00)
    Lecture 26: Live Demonstration: Linking AdWords to Analytics (03:22)

    Section 6 – Managing & Optimising Your AdWords Campaigns

    Lecture 27: Optimising Your AdWords Campaigns (12:49)
    Lecture 28: AB Split Testing (02:1

    Section 7 – Glossary

    Lecture 29: Ad Group (Text)
    Lecture 30: Ad Position (1 slide)
    Lecture 31: Ad Rank (8 slides)
    Lecture 32: Click (Text)
    Lecture 33: Click Through Rates (CTR) (Text)
    Lecture 34: Daily Budget (Text)
    Lecture 35: Keyword (Text)
    Lecture 36: Impressions (Text)
    Lecture 37: Quality Score (9 slides)
    Lecture 38: Relevance (Text)

    Section 8 – Extras
    Lecture 39: Free 75 AdWords Voucher


    No experienced required. The course starts with the basics and moves on to more advanced topics towards the end.

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    Business owners are turning to online advertising in increasing numbers. You may wonder if advertising on the Web is right for your business.
    Here are the key factors of web advertising.
    1.) Reach More Customers
    2.) Cost Effectiveness
    3.) Personal Touch

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