Hi All!

I recently joined as I recently began pursuing business ownership, purchasing an existing company from my uncle. He currently has 10 employees, all of which have no non-compete clause in their employment contract with my uncles.

As we look to take over in about 2 months, I'm looking for advice on the best way I go about ensuring I retain the employees. Technicians and maintenance guys in the industry (HVAC) are in extremely high demand and the selling of a business may be the trigger that causes an employee to jump ship to another company they foresee as being better, higher pay, whatever.

Is there a way to enforce a non-compete agreement with the employees prior to the sale of the business? Would this scare employees away? The seller has stated he does not feel comfortable bringing a non-compete agreement to his employees. When I take over, I will of course need to create a new employment contract with the employees, so is that the best time to integrate a non-compete?

Any help is appreciated!