How many fellow business owners that are constantly looking to grow their business are worried about their personal credit? I kind of am a self-proclaimed credit nerd, so the thought of an inquiry bothers me, but obviously for my business and in order to expand they to pull my personal credit. I'm a guarantor not a co-signer so the terms of the loan, reporting, etc. do not report to me personally. I am in growth mode right now, looking to acquire more storage facilities and opening my first restaurant franchise. Obviously with this comes checking credit, my scores are all very strong and each time they hit, it doesn't effect it much, but 2-4 points. My questions is.... How many other business owners are in the same shoes, and what are your thoughts if you're in growth mode and trying to grow your business? Personal credit being so important, do you worry about the inquiries and how it impacts you? With my history the banks can take a common sense approach and understand that my personal credit is being pulled for business purposes and not to stack on more personal debt.

Any thoughts please.