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    Need assistance with funding
    I have been helping my dad with his business for the last 5 years and we are in need of some working capital.
    Considering that local banks take an average of a 1-2 months to fund you, I have been researching some online lenders.

    My dad is paranoid to say the least about giving his login and password to these companies, does anyone here know of lenders that do not require a bank login?

    thanks in advance.

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    Your Dad's need for working capital
    Hello, 222vermont,

    I don't know why any potential lenders would need log on to your dad's bank account, but we certainly don't. There are of course some documentation requirements. But providing working capital to small businesses is exactly what we specialize in. If you PM me, we can have a private conversation but basic requirements are much less stringent than a bank and based mainly on the revenue flow of the company rather than on Credit Score. But it would have to be 500 or higher which most people do have.

    PM me or respond to this post and we can go from there.

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