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    Writing a Business Plan
    Business Plan Outline

    The following outline of a typical business plan can serve as a guide. You can adapt it to your specific business. Breaking down the plan into several components helps make drafting it a more manageable task.

    Give a detailed description of the business and its goals.

    Discuss the ownership of the business and the legal structure.

    List the skills and experience you bring to the business.

    Discuss the advantages you and your business have over your competitors.

    Discuss the products/services offered.

    Identify the customer demand for your product/service.

    Identify your market, its size and locations.

    Explain how your product/service will be advertised and marketed.

    Explain the pricing strategy.

    Financial Management
    Explain your source and the amount of initial equity capital.

    Develop a monthly operating budget for the first year.

    Develop an expected return on investment and monthly cash flow for the first year.

    Provide projected income statements and balance sheets for a two*year period.

    Discuss your break*even point.

    Explain your personal balance sheet and method of compensation.

    Discuss who will maintain your accounting records and how they will be kept.

    Provide "what if" statements that address alternative approaches to any problem that may develop.


    Explain how the business will be managed on a day*to*day basis.

    Discuss hiring and personnel procedures.

    Discuss insurance, lease or rent agreements, and issues pertinent to your business.

    Account for the equipment necessary to produce your products or services.

    Account for production and delivery of products and services.

    Concluding Statement
    Summarize your business goals and objectives and express your commitment to the success of your business.

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    Very informative write on business plan and yes we need to have a strong plan and operations department to strengthen a company or an organisation which can boost the sales and revenue. Ultimately being commercial and getting revenues are the goals of any firm. A good planning like you suggested can help to achieve that.

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    Very helpful and informative.
    Business plan should be cross checked to know factors that can increase or hinder its growth in any way possible. these factors are looked upon and worked on to benefit the company. The marketing aspect should be drafted after a detailed descriptive Marketing Research.
    In writing, the plan should be flexible and considerate and precise to be understood by every member of the organization.

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    One needs to understand that writing a business plan requires a good idea about the type of business one would like to do. Piterion has experts to help you decide.

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    I'm looking to purchase a company and this will definitely help me in writing my business plan.

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    This is a very interesting thread. Very helpful checklist.

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