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    I am the inventor of a free enterprise & life management system available at Check it out, it's probably just what you're looking for.

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    Hey OP, sounds like business is booming - great problem to have

    I see a number of recommendations for CRM type software in the replies here and while they may indeed be useful, my understanding of your post is inventory management and perhaps managing delivery dates are your key issues.

    Our AIO business management platform Bookmemate is designed with exactly these sorts of problems in mind, everything is interlinked so when you invoice a customer for work including parts, the parts are automatically subtracted from your inventory.

    As you are building boats I'm guessing lots of times you're building the same type of boat for multiple customers, so you can set up the inventory required to build 'boat model A' once, save it as a task on the system and then every time someone orders a boat model A just load up the saved task and invoice your customer with a few clicks of the mouse.

    You can find a link to our site in my signature and if you'd like an additional discount just send me a PM.

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    Bookmemate is an all-in-one platform specifically designed for small businesses & sole traders.
    We want to help you take your time back from administrative tasks so you can focus on your customers.
    You can signup for a 30 day free trial on our website (no credit card details required).
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