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    Globalization motivation
    I was wondering what everyones thoughts were about the current globalization through businesses venturing abroad. Good, bad, whatever. Also, what usually motivates a company to make the commitment to go abroad? (saturated domestic market, lower costs, etc).

    I work for a company that is constantly in contact with business looking to venture into foreign markets and I am always interested to hear peoples' views on the topic. Thanks in advance.


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    Reply for the gobalization motivation
    No matter what changes in the mode of our habit of buying or selling style. After all, how to earning to live from outside market is important.

    1. ) The absort of capital for the loan from investor or selling the shares.
    And to invest gobally. ( Western )

    2. ) Use computers for gathering the comestics buys through web sites in
    E-commerce (Western )

    3. ) Large scale for manufacturing goods in return of foriegn currency.
    (Labor intensive countries)

    4. ) Sell of technology

    5. ) Sell of service

    If you have any ideas, i am very grateful for you to send to my email

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