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    People must believe in both the message and the messenger. Having competence but not caring about your people or the organization’s mission will not get you very far. Caring is about showing that the CEO puts the organization above himself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paycron View Post
    It's hard to be a CEO and harder to be a Great CEO, but some of the quality makes a great CEO. These are mention below-:

    1) Honest and ethical
    2) Decisive
    3) Has a clear vision for the company
    4) Inspires and motivates others
    5) Cares about the company to be good place to work
    6) Has a global business outlook

    Agree with most everything here. Would add in leads by example.

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    I think a great CEO means he or she is able to lead their team, company and their brand to the fullest. They are able to understand her or his employee situations and can push each individuals to do their best in their individual role.

    If you are interested in this topic, you can read our article on "Evaluating executive performance – global ranking of top performing CEOs"

    Hope that helps!


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