It's basically where you have to surf a number of advertisers' website
a day in order to earn cash from US$3/mth - US$4500. everything is
automated, you just have to sit infront of the monitor to view the
websites. You DON"T need to pay a single cent to start earning.

Benefits of StudioT:

* Has been around for about 2 years.
* Timely monthly payout.
* Large membership base of over 120,515 worldwide.
* Free registration with $10 account level.
* Has many other services(e.g. StudioWalker, StudioPay) to sustain
its core business.
* No obligation to pay a single cent.
* 100% money back guarantee if you upgrade your account level.
* Accepted payment processors: E-Gold, IntGold, NetPay,
MoneyBookers, StudioPay, Paypal, Stormpay, Credit cards & Cheques.

What's the catch?

* You will only get your daily earnings for the days that you

What you need to do?

* Sign up for an account with $10 account level for free.
* After activating your account, login to member area.
* Click on "Surf STV" to launch your autosurf window.
* Accumulate at least 100 credits everyday to earn your daily 1%
of your account level(i.e. 365% a year).
* Use your credits to advertise your website to gain more traffic
and revenue.
* Upgrade your account level to earn more (up to $15,000, i.e.
earn $150 daily). 100% money back guarantee.

You can join by following this link:

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