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    My name is Crystal Odom, Independent Consultant for LegalShield.

    I specialize in Small/Home Business & Group benefits.

    I too am always happy to give advice and/or point your in the right direction. As a consultant I sign up small/home based business' and large groups for legal insurance at a low monthly premium. This seems to work great for lots of business's who prefer to pay a small monthly fee versus a large retainer up front. My clients often say the amount of constant legal support that is received really makes a difference.

    I am from Oceanside, CA and currently we having lots of fires going on where I am. There were 8 the last time I counted. How unfortunate for those that have lost their homes and business due to this tragedy.

    Aside from the fires I love the state of California and I can definitely be considered a So-Cal-Girl!

    I am available via my website 24hrs a day and check my email often.

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    I warm welcome you here. keep it up.

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