Hi, this is Soam from India. In our country, super bikes are kind of gaining popularity since last 5 years, and there are only 2-3 big stores in the country, who are not able to serve the customers well and with the requirements.

Im myself a super biker and a passionate gear freak. After facing the problem of buying it for myself, I thought of starting this up myself, as a whole.

So, I have taken up a nice domain, done with the website , iOS and Android app now. Just entering all the products into the website now.

Also applied for a import license for this new company name.

Now the question is, how do I get in touch with the manufacturers. I have around 50 list of brands, which I want to deal and sell, as I have already listed them on the website.
Now I need to get in touch with each of them and request them for RETAIL DISTRIBUTORSHIP.

Is that the correct term ?

I mean, I will directly import from the manufacturer at a special price chart and sell to my customers with my price tag.

So, direct manufacturer to the end customers.

I dont want to use any existing distributors , as they are very lazy and in India, everything takes time. No one is active or dynamic like I need.

So, I will be the sole importer and seller for those products then.

So, how should we approach them and convince for this partnership ?

Is there any up front funds required for each partnership ? Or we just pay for what shipment we request for.

Let me know, how everyone does it.