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    Asking for Feedback about my bike lock invention
    Hey guys, my name's Liang I'm a college student and cyclist at USC. I've had three bikes stolen while at USC and it really pissed me off so now I'm doing something about it.

    I've created a lock that specifically secures the wheels of a bike. It works by replacing the hex nuts or quick release skewers holding a bike in place. It's designed so none of the common theft tools (i.e. wrenches, vice grips, bolt cutters, flamethrowers, that laser gun from Goldeneye, etc.) can get through it or get any leverage on it.

    The nut can only be tightened / loosened with the specific wrench that comes in each package. There are multiple variations of these nut:wrench combinations.

    I'd love to get some feedback from you guys on the product, whether or not you'd use it, and any advice you have (from business/marketing ideas to product improvements).



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    After some research, I think further introduction is needed for my product.

    What differentiates us from other competition are cheaper price, high-end material (one of the toughest stainless steels), multiple variations (continually adding more), safe from attempts to be unlocked (other products like the Pinhead have loopholes where it can be opened without the proper tool), and a slicker design.

    Note that this is a supplement to the U-lock and other locks of that sort. I've realized many people carry two U-locks or a U-lock and chain, but with this wheel lock that problem is practically solved.

    Also, if you lose the wrench, as long as you have the serial number which would be given with the product, we can ship you another.

    The only way to really open this lock is to drill a hole with a power tool and then get enough leverage to open it. I tried the pipe wrench method and a lot of other methods that opened up locks like Pitlock and Pinhead, but those methods failed. You can only get leverage to tighten the lock.

    I'm thinking this product can have a chance, not to be biased or anything. Is there any feedback I can get? I'm still trying to figure out the discrepancies, so changes can be made.

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    Interesting product. My only immediate question is about the wrench (setting aside the question of whether the product actually works as intended).

    1. How many wrenches do you plan on giving with the product? Two would probably address the concerns somewhat.
    2. How big is the wrench? Ideally, I would think you want the consumer to associate it with a key vs a wrench. Something that can go on a keychain so becomes part of the necessary bulk one has to carry vs a separate item one has to be concerned about and carry.

    Looks like a perfect thing for Shark Tank if it works!

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    Great work.And awesome idea to protect your bike from thefts.

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    I like your invention Liang. I think it would sell very well in northwestern Europe, lots of bikes everywhere. Let me know if you need help. I run an order fulfillment center in Sweden.

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    Robert L -
    Stratus-Pikpuk - Order Fulfillment in Europe
    We can help you sell your products in Europe!
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