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    Email marketing is best option for promoting your app.

    Just focus on title and description of your app.

    do more priority on your targeted keywords on Title and descriptions.


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    You can go for ASO. Choosing an ASO service would be a smart choice. Hiring an App store optimizer will help you to promote your app.


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    1. Build a microsite. This one or two-pager showcases your app to the web audience. Take cues from Snapchat and Path.

    2. Build a teaser website. Do this a month or two before your launch to collect email addresses of people who would like to know when the app launches.

    3. Start a blog. Attach it to your microsite. Write interesting content that will draw people to your website. Buffer app does this really effectively.

    4. Share your content. Use your Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn profiles to promote the app several times in a week.

    5. Create a product video. Make it creative, funny, thought-provoking or personal. Tell the story, but in a way people can identify with. Here's a great one as example from the Dollar Shave Club.

    6. Get press, tons of it. Entrepreneur Neil Patel says: "Press is the best way to kick start your startup, and the best way to get it is to manually reach out to journalists."

    7. Pitch to app review websites. Sites like 148apps, AppStoreApps and AppAdvice can generate a lot of buzz for your app if they mention it.

    8. Contact bloggers who would care. Identify bloggers who write on niches that relate to your app. For instance, a children's app can be pitched to bloggers write write for mothers.

    9. Apply for awards. Look into awards such as the Kiip Build Fund or The Mobileys. If you win, you also get a ton of press, not to mention winner's booty.

    10. Start a podcast. Publish it on iTunes or your own website. Draw content from the niche your app caters to most.

    11. Always be collecting emails. Gather potential customer emails through Facebook, Twitter or your website. An email list of people who have opted in is a powerful marketing tool.

    12. Create a six-second how-to series. Make the most of Vine with videos potential customers will find useful. The hashtag #howto is one of the top trending tags on Vine.

    13. Use Dubbler. Promote your blog posts or content having to do with your app's niche on Dubbler -- a 60-second audio social network.

    14. Post on Pinterest. Use blog images, infographics and visual content from your app to create content on your Pinterest board. You can even use happy customer photos or hold contests.

    15. Manually recruit customers. The creator behind Canvsly reaches out to local art schools, libraries and pediatricians to get more customers. Know your audience and find them.

    16. Run a contest. For example, you can encourage people to tweet and share content on their social networks promoting your app. A random person every week can win a promo code to download your app for free if it is a paid one.

    17. Create a Facebook group. Form a group for people with common interests related to your app's niche so they can meet and socialize regularly. If your app caters to hikers, for example, create a hiking group.

    18. Get speaking opportunities. Research events that touch on the topic your app addresses and make an appearance. Start small and get recognized as an authority in the space.

    19. Take advantage of voicemail. Include a creative mention of your app in your phone's voicemail recording.

    20. Be obsessive about resolving negative reviews. Remember: A happy customer is a brand ambassador for your app.

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    Hey! Here are some creative ways to promote your app. Must Read!

    33 Creative Ways to Promote Your App for Free

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    The best method to promote through advertising and social networking sites.

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    Here are some ways you can promote your app for free.
    1. App Store Optimization
    This is simply the first rule of promoting your app and focuses on the app’s presence in the store. The interesting thing about app store optimization is that you can do it on your own without having to spend anything. Conduct keyword research to find the best keyphrases to target. Create a winning copy for the description and use the keywords in it. Also create an eye-catching title, and add screenshots and a video. Ask your users to rate and leave reviews.
    2. Create a Dedicated Website
    Create a simple dedicated website with one or two pages to describe your app in detail. Google Play Store and the App Store limit the number of words you can use to describe your app. A dedicated site gives you all the freedom you want in order to tell people about your app.
    In fact, every app that’s developed should have its own website. If people need more information about your app after visiting your app store page, they should be able to click on a URL to reach the dedicated. Creating a website may cost you, but there are many hosting solutions that make it almost free. You can create a site yourself using easy-to-use templates.
    3.Email marketing
    Email marketing doesn’t mean investing in expensive email marketing services. All you have to do is create lists of potential clients and reach out to them with your app. Use your app’s website to collect as many email addresses as possible. Regular and useful email messages can help build relationships and get people to use your app.
    Look for articles online which are related to your niche. Comment on these articles and blog posts to interact with the authors and other people with similar interests. You can include a reference to your app whenever appropriate. Look for sites with large volume of traffic. Not only can this help drive more traffic to your app’s page, it can also mean getting more targeted users.
    Most tech sites will have some articles relevant to your niche. Interact with others and try to provide solutions. The more value you can deliver, the more likely people will be to try your app.

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    Use premium ads network, it is a simple and fast method to gain many users just like Google Adwords. You can refer to AdMob, MobVista, AirPush, etc.. but it depends how much budget to advertise your app, but eventually.. it's worth.

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    There are so many types of tricks to promote your mobile app so please read and try this.

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    Use different social side like snap chat etc and try to attract the people about your app

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tweetcinema View Post
    Hey Guys!!
    I have an amazing app called "Tweetcinema" that helps in getting all the latest and hottest information's related to Twitter!! It gives all the latest details exactly whats happening in the world in 10 seconds..

    FREE to download. So please assist me how to promote my app. Love to hear from you all
    Hello, guys!

    In order to promote your app so that get more installs and more revenue from your app, I will share you some useful method at below, including free promotion and paid promotion:

    Free promotion:

    (1)social media: you can advertise your app in some social media, like Facebook,Instagram. Adding some friends about app developer to share the experience and idea with them. Of course, you can reply relevant post in some forum to advertise your app, remembering put your app link in your reply.

    (2)content*marking: you can write some relevant blogs and essays to introduce your app, raising the publicity of your app

    (3)cross promotion: if you have published more app that have received good responses, you can use the platform completely to advertise your app, because the potential audiences are the precious resources for your new app.

    (4)*special website: you can put your app on some special websites, like classified sites and review sites. The installs will increased when audience browsing these websites.

    (5)you can optimize the*name, icon, description and screenshots*of your app to attract much more potential audiences and get more installs.

    (6) you can*invite your friends and relatives*to install your app, and then they will advertise your app in their friend circle, which can increase your app installs effectively in return.

    Paid promotion:

    inviting some popular stars and bloggers to advertise your app

    publish some news and advertisements directly to popularize your app

    put the video of your app on websites to advertise your app

    (2)*leverage your app website
    you can create a website of your app, crafting the page and designing a beautiful interface of your website. The users can communicate with others in this platform, and you can find the potential problem of your app by reading the messages from the users and find the relevant solution to solve these problems.

    (3)*pre-loaded in app stores: you can pre-loaded your app in app stores to guide the audience to install your app, which can gain much more installs of your app although it will took much money.*

    (4)app store optimization:

    do keywords research: the quality of keywords affects your app ranking. However, promoting the quality of keywords is a tough task, including the relevance, competitive, localization and plural. So, it is necessary to optimize your keywords using some effective ways. If you have enough budget, you can buy keywords search installs from a reliable app store optimization company, like*ASOTOP1, to promote the search ranking of your app.

    ratings and reviews:audience would like to choose one app with more positive reviews, indeed, the reviews also influence the installs of your app. So, you can buy some good ratings and positive reviews from a reliable app ratings and reviews provider to promote your app.*Bestreviewapp*is just the website to provide the service that you need.

    Wish these methods will be useful!

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