This is my first post here in the community, I opened my account back in 2013 but never really used it , anyways, I just wanted to say that I'm a newbie in affiliate marketing, I jumped into it two weeks ago.

Here is what i did:

I choose a total different niche outside IM..i chooses a niche on health [I wouldn't reveal that here]

2. Then I picked a clickbank product related to that niche. product with 15 gravity

3. I created a twitter account related on that niche

3. I use a twitter tool [The name withdrawn]. which allows you follow your targeted audiences..which in returns follows you back. within 24hours, i got 480 targeted twitter human followers. and within 3 days, i got 1357 targeted human twitter followers.

4. I started sharing some helpful tips and ideas related to my clickbank affiliate product and at the end i would add my affiliate link.

5. Waked up today and saw these 3 clickbank am very happy.

All thanks goes to this Fiverr lady Called "efixeconsult" at:

You Can Search Her Name on Fiverr website..That's her fiverr account username.

She thought me all these hidden clickbank success secret.

Am Expecting more sales and i will also implement more other hidden traffic methods she taught me.

Thanks everyone.