Hi, everyone. I'm thinking about starting a business as an LLC with S-Corp tax election. My wife has money from before our marriage and I have the skills. So she would invest 100% of the capital and I would run the business while she remains a housewife with no activity in the business other than her investment. I'm curious if it's possible to distribute myself a reasonable salary, and reasonable dividends and then distribute the bulk of the dividend to her as a return on her investment? Let's say for example from $100,000 profit, I pay myself $30,000 in salary, $20,000 in dividends and distribute $50,000 in dividends to her. Or do all shareholders need to receive a salary regardless of whether they are active or not?

I'm not looking for any legally binding advice and if we get more serious about this idea, we of course will consult attorneys and CPA's etc. I'm just gathering some suggestions from others who may know.