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    State Business License and City Business license issue
    Hi guys this is my first post. I have a hobby with a few friends that has slowly turned into a small business oppotunity. We are looking to get a state issued business license under an LLC, and the original plan was to make all four of us owners. Here is where it gets tricky, the city i live in requires a city business license as well, and the option i see that we would fall under would be a home business, however in the clauses of the city business license it states that only a resident of the home in which the home business is located may conduct business on behalf of the company. Anyone have any insight on this? I do 90% of the work anyways but from time to time the others come over to help out, should i set up the LLC differently so that they are not "owners" to satisfy the city business license? Any advice is much appreciated,
    thank you in advance,


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    please can you inbox me for more info?

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