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SEO is the only best way to gain re-brand so my advice is only to make the focus on SEO which will really help you to build re-brand.
SEO is a good way no doubt but before applying any advertisement, it's better to figure out your competitors, their strengths and weak area and then rebrand it to rebrand it in a more effective way. You can do 2 main things:

1. Consider creative signage marketing for your business ( if its located locally and you have a physical location) Read why they are important.
2. Use cost effective advertisement campaigns like Vehicle signage through creative vehicle decals and wraps
3. Have proper online presence (website, social media channels, etc) and educate your customers as an industry leader (It will create trust and help you in becoming a reliable brand- You can write regular blogs related to your business or products and provide solutions which your customers are looking for)

Hope this will help in your rebranding efforts.