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    How do you plan for a trial period?
    I don't know if this is the right place to ask the question. Since this has to do with hiring and managing personal assistants, I'd thought this place would be logical to ask.

    I don't currently have my own personal assistant. I'm at a point of managing concurrent projects on my own where I no longer have any extras to cut out.
    I'm currently looking for an assistant (virtual or local) to help me streamline my business process, manage other contractors doing the actual tedious work, and just help me stay on top of projects.
    After all, the only way for me to get paid is for those projects to get executed consistently regardless of my bandwidth and energy levels.

    Before I get sidetracked too much, I have a couple questions I'd like to receive your input.

    I posted my ads on Elance and Craigslist. I have interviewed a few candidates already.
    However, I'm having trouble grasping on how the process is going to work, since I never hired an assistant in this capacity before to help me.

    When you're hiring effectively your first secretary, how do you delegate workload to her?
    Do you typically offload the execution of tedious work (for example, scheduling posts on social media profiles), or do you let the assistant help you manage other contractors for specific tasks (e.g. managing contractors who are making landing pages, lead generation magnets, finding different media buying channels, etc.)?
    Either way, I anticipate to provide daily input. (so lack of oversight shouldn't be a problem)

    My second question: How would you typically test drive these types of assistant candidates? Would you even do a test drive to interview how they work for real, provided that you pay them during the period?
    Do you just give them one major project to manage, for example?

    Once again, I'd really appreciate your input on this. If there's anything I can clear up, I'm happy to do so.
    I've done my best to provide the critical details to what I'm stuck on.

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    The trial period is going to expire. Surely, that will end and you will have to pay a certain fee. - Doug Battista

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