My name is David and I'm from BigDixi LTD.
My job is marketing manager.

We are looking for business partners in the USA and Canada for the purpose of expanding business operations.
We have an online sales website which that sync with the world's largest ecommerce website Taobao.com
We have offices in China, and are able to send products to worldwide.
Chinese team appointed eight skilled and responsible do their job in the best way.

The website is about selling products generally small (although there is also the possibility of products like furniture, etc.).
The website contains a billion products from different suppliers in China.
The purpose of the site is to make the website Taobao English / French / Russian and give accessibility to new markets.

We are looking for business partners who will distribute the website in their state.
The working model is 50% -50% (no franchise fees).

Our part ;
- To supply the internet platform, maintenance, development and availability.
- Handling customer orders
- Purchase Orders and Operations
- Orders shipping destination countries
- Office and warehouse operations in China

Concessionaire is responsible;
- Marketing and advertising site in his state
- Sales and Customer Service
- Creating business partnerships

For more information please contact me.

Sincerely Yours,
BigDixi HK LTD