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    When is an Internet Hobby Store a Legal Business?
    I've had a store on for about a year now, and I just opened another. The local county clerk said that I don't need to worry about tax until I have over $3000 or something in sales within my state.

    Does that mean that I don't need to file any paperwork, or what?

    Since I'm nowhere near that yet, I'd like to know if I really don't need to do any paperwork yet, or if there's something big that I'm missing.



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    That sounds likely, as here in the UK we do have tax thresholds (and the like) based upon volume. Someone more US centric would have to confirm that though.

    The real reason I replied was just to point out that the most common reasons people get into setting up very small companies are issues like branding, insurance, protection, etc. By protection I mean in terms of protecting their personal assets from legal action/etc should something go badly askew (a company is an independent entity).

    I'm guessing it's too early to worry about that for you, but back to your original issue: if you have that opinion from your country clerk, it might be a good idea to get it in writing, if you haven't already. Which is another good habit to get into with this sort of issue....

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