Im a big computer guy and I know a few things about markets, what gets me the most, is i cant even find a google answer about the type of equipment needed to run a business.

I mean, I know what i want to run, and its going to be hard to find a proper piece of real estate for it.
So what exactly are the best tools for a small store, like a cash register, I have no idea how I would create inventory for the first time and be able to scan items. Does this work independently different with the type of cash registers bought?
ive seen some fancy ones for 5-10k.

I would appreciate any suggestions or recommendations, please I am really interested in opening a business. Its just hard to figure out, how exactly do I grab everything Ive ordered and create that "inventory" or system within the store.

I wonder if theres a way to run a store without electronics, how on earth did they do it a century ago?