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    Import Assistance from Los Angeles, California
    Hi all.

    My name is Ari and I live in Los Angeles. I would like to assist anyone with their Import/Export business who needs some help.
    I live in Glendale, California (5 minutes away from Los Angeles and just 30 minutes away from Long Beach, the worlds busiest port).

    I am young and ready to gain some experience in this field. I have a bachelors in Civil Engineering.

    If you're interested, please let me know

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    Hi ruskyline,

    If you want to engage in imports exports business you must need a suitable advise and data related to imports exports business. You can contact me for suitable advice and data.

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    I will contact you when I need more assistance from US

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    Agrithanglong Co., Ltd Vietnam

    Specialized in exporting Agricultural Products: Tapioca Starch; Tapioca Chip; Rice; Rubber;Bamboo Chopstick; Bamboo Toothpick; Bamboo Skewer
    Contact: Fiona Hoang/ Skype: export.agrithanglong/ Email:
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