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    Looking To Start A Home Business? Do Your Research!
    Hi everyone!

    My best advice for those looking for a work from home opportunity is to research, research, and research some more! Really check out a company before you jump into it. First, check with the BBB and make sure the company has an impeccable reputation. This is really important, there are alot of scam sites out there! Also, how long has the company been in business? Are they a solid, stable company? You want to make sure the company is the right "fit" for you, personally. You have to believe in the product or service that you are offering to people. I was lucky to find a company that I could be passionate about. My company offers people a much needed service that saves them money, while at the same time, really helping me and my family financially. I love the saying, "Love what you do, and the money will chase you down!" Feel free to email me by checking my profile if you want to know how I'm making money from home. Best wishes to all with your business ventures!


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    yup, i agree. 1 min of research can save you 10mins of hardwork

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    Great point
    I would also have to agree. Research is key. I spent about 2 months thouroughly researching various home business opportunities before making the plunge into business ownership. I must say that the time was well worth it. 3 months into owning and running my business I have already been able to leave my full time job and now just work right out of my home office.

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    I have my take on this one.

    It is quite dangerous if you take this to the extreme. Some people I know (including myself) falls into the trap of what I call analysis-paralysis. This is the state where a person questions and research so much into a business proposition that he/she fails to make a decision and take action to make the business succeed.

    Hence, the research should be done but once the decision is made - its ACTION, ACTION, ACTION.

    After that, one should model success to be a success. Follow a GURU then model him - but this subject would be another post.

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    Quote Originally Posted by McRalphe
    yup, i agree. 1 min of research can save you 10mins of hardwork
    ... and 10 mins of research save you from years of being in the business you don't like or can't afford

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    But how on earth do you know who to trust? There are soooo many programs out there, I simply do not know which way to turn. Arman nailed it when he called it analysis-paralysis.

    I have been very interested in home business as a secondary source of income for some time. I have put a lot of effort into research over the past couple of months but can't figure out who or what programs/methods to trust and who is blowing smoke. It sucks! I am more than willing to spend the time and finances (within reason) on a lucrative venture(s) but everywhere I turn, someone has a "better" way, but then their program shows up on a scam site.

    I would love to talk with someone who is walking the talk, but when I email most of these "gurus" to get more info I get no response. When I call I get an answering service and no call back.

    It is encouraging to read these posts and hear of the profits some of you are making. I would love to know more details. ie. Are the methods you are using ones that you developed and implemented or are you following the advice/direction of another? How long should I give a system to start profiting before trashing it and moving to another?

    Any input is appreciated.

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    Hi, EIG!

    I'm new to this forum as well, but felt compelled to "speak".

    "Analysis paralysis" is common.

    How do you know whom to trust? You don't. That's why you do due diligence. Can you be taken in even after you've done your d d?


    A good indicator can be a lack of response to your e-mails and/or phone calls.

    But, sometimes people are so busy that it takes them awhile to get back to you. If you get no response, try again. Still no response? If you're truly interested, try one more time.

    If you get a response, does that mean it's okay? Not necessarily; that's why the d d.

    Even if everything checks out, you will never know absolutely.

    For a first time venturer, would say to find a quality product based business. Then find a person with whom you are comfortable (by talking with them), someone who is willing to make a commitment to you and your business, someone who will mentor you. And to whom you are willing to make a commitment for your business.

    What else should you look for?

    Is the product something: that you can honestly recommend to friends and family, that is consumable, that will need to be re-ordered on a regular basis?

    Is the price to the consumer reasonable?

    What is the "pay plan"?

    How old is the company?

    Is the management of the company reasonably good?

    How much can you invest (time wise) on a weekly basis in your business?

    How much money can you invest in your business initially?

    How much on a weekly or monthly basis for advertising?

    One statement that you made, EIG, concerns me greatly. That is "How long should I give a system to start profiting before trashing it and moving to another? "

    If you've truly done your d d, you stick with that company for a minimum of a year.

    Remember that anyone who promises you riches overnight is blowing smoke and using mirrors for their benefit, not yours.

    That's not the way success and riches occur.

    Just my thoughts . . . HTH.

    Best of Luck on your search, EIG.


    Believe in magic and Life will be magical. Believe in miracles and Life will be miraculous. Believe in nothing and Life will be empty." --- Unknown

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    [b]Know what you want and where you want to go![/b]
    I have had my own home based business for over a year now, and I talk to people everyday that have made the decision that they want to "be their own boss". The next question I typically ask has to do with what type of business do they want or what do they want to do in their business, and I find that 50 percent of the time people don't know what they want to do. Here is a tip, you can literally find any opportunity out there to produce income for yourself. Some things to consider before you start responding to "income opportunity" ads:

    1. What are my strengths? What kind of "work" do I want?
    2. How many hours am I willing to work?
    3. How much time do I have to get up and running?
    4. What am I willing to invest in this venture?
    5. What am I trying to achieve through this business? Will this give it to me?

    If you have most of these parameters figured out, chances are you will be able to weed through most of the opportunities you are presented with in order to find what fits your need best. After all, this is about you and what you want to have in your life.

    So, now you have an idea of what you want to do, how do you research the kinds of opportunities you are seeking. First of all, always check with the Attorney General of the state where the person does business and in your state. Secondly, check with the Federal Trade Commision, they oversee all home businesses in the U.S. I find these sources are reliable to check out a business because they are not paid organizations. The BBB, which everyone thinks is so reliable, is a paid group that really only can confirm or deny if any kind of complaint has been filed. In addition, most home based businesses are done on a contractor basis so if one person does something stupid that is really not a reflection on the entire company.

    Lastly, I would really urge you to consider what kind of training and support is available in your endeavor. Most companies have some template for building a business, but do they offer one on one consulting? Is there live training on a weekly, or biweekly basis? Who would you be working with and will they support you?

    I commend anyone who decides to work for themself from home, it has absolutely transformed my life . Trust yourself, you know what you want and what you are capable of. There are several great opportunities out there that will produce results for you, the key is to find what you are most excited and comfortable with.

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    I agree completely about the research. There are so many problems that could be avoided if research was completed before the business was started. Also most people can't just start and run a successful business because they want too. Don't get me wrong some people have the passion and drive to make it happen but most people just don't! Do your research and figure out your plan! If you are going to work that hard to ensure your business starts you might as well make sure it is going to be successful!

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    Yes you are right. The key to having a successful business is research. It saves you from scammers and from loosing your money.

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