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    Growing makets and oppurunity markets
    Hello everyone.

    Advice would be appreciated.

    I was thinking of starting a business and I dont have a college education and not much knowlwege of business. But I have will and commitment. And im young.

    Could someone asnwer me on what would be smarter to do either open a internet company or a actual company. Keep in mind I have a 8dollar per hour job and in-and-out. So cheap is good. Also I have friends who have technical know how actual programming skills for the internet. One of my friends sells alot of clothes on ebay and has his own store on their. He wants to start a compnay to so I can probably partner with him on something.

    I like the internet because its global already and its cheap to start a webpage. And I have computer knowlege but not technical skills of programming which I find tedious.

    And does anyone know where I can find information on Markets with alot of oppurutnity and potientital growth.

    I want to be really successful and make alot of income. So I can keep on growing and invest and other stuff.

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    This is a very broad question, and suggests that you have no real idea what you want to do - just that you like the concept of running your own business.

    I suppose that's fine at the highest level, but really, before setting anything up, you need to move much further forward in terms of what you actually WANT to do.

    What are your interests? What do you LIKE doing? What skills have you got, or what skills do you think you can quickly acquire? These are all factors which should help you decide. Obviously it's best to go for something with ticks in these boxes.

    As for the internet: that's the cheapest and easiest route, usually, so maybe you could dabble initially until you know what you really want.

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