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    When creating a prototype
    Hi guys,

    I am creating my first prototype and hopefully will patent it soon. I have a question, every day as I work on It I come across new information or new manufacturers that would make my product more cost effective, when you create a prototype do you choose the best components since the beginning or you finish your prototype/patent first and then improve?

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    Well,we built prototype for analysis purpose.
    With the help of prototype,we can estimate the total expense of our project.It will help us to detect the pros and cons of our project.So,with this,we can prevent any complications that might occur during project development.
    So,I think for building prototype, you don't need to invest more on it's components as prototype will give you overview of your project and nothing else.
    After you done analysis of your protoptype,then,you should start your project with best components.

    Best of luck for the future

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    Sometimes a proof of concept prototype made from materials you can get at local stores can be a good way to evaluate your product and work out any bugs that may be inherent in the design before creating more of a "store shelf ready" version that can cost more.

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    Prototype is different for different businesses. It is advisable to go through a couple of similar prototypes online and also seek advice from consultants to know better.

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