I've been struggling with the packaging for my product. I'm currently looking to obtain some sample size packaging for capsules. I've searched around and found some great custom solutions for boxes, but cannot find any custom print packaging in small sizes, at most these need to contain 4 medium sized capsules.

A good example of what I have in mind is:

I have no idea where these manufacturers obtain their supply, or how they create them. I was able to find some foil bags which need to be heat sealed, but then I'd have to apply a sticker label on top of them. I was hoping to get a very professional looking label printed onto the packaging (even paper packaging may work). Ideally, I would like to be environmentally friendly as well as economical. It wouldn't make sense for me too put 4 pills in a box, even a small box, when I could use tear-away packaging.

If anyone has any ideas where I can find any packaging for my product, it would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks again for your time!