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    I was thinking of a new business Idea, and was wondering if anyone had seen this or heard anything about this.

    Basically what I was thinking was to have a club that would be dedicated to LAN games such as quake or doom3, plus many others. Know I know that people can play for free from home, so that is why I want to have a playing environment like nothing they can have at home.

    Each player would have their own personal small gaming room, with a built-in surround system, and a projector for a big screen experience. Due to cost and size I would of course have to limit the number of these that I would have at first, but the number would grow over time. I would use only top of the line equipment, for the best possible experience.

    I would also have many other gaming stations using top of the line systems, but it would be in the open and they would need headphones.

    I would also offer food, such as Pizza and pop. There would also be a game room where I would have foosball and pool tables, among other things.

    There may also be a area for console games to be hooked up so that they can network with other or go online.

    The place would have wireless access so that people could just browse the net if thatís what they like, or if they are waiting to play.

    I would have weekly, monthly and annual tourneys, that would offer cash prizes, sometimes as high as a 1000 bucks. Much depends on this.

    There would also be a pro shop that would offer the latest and greatest hardware and software for sale as well as on-site and carry-in computer repair service.

    Well that about sums it up. Questions and comments welcome. Investors also welcome.


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    I've acutally seen two such businesses here in my town since 2000. And ironicly they were both ran by the same person(s).

    The first time it was an acutal establishment that was located on the campus of the University which has 25,000 students during the school year. It had over 40 computer setups each loaded with the latest games. They had a snack bar, and also a "pro shop" like you were saying. Only on weekends did this place ever have business, and their rates were reasonable, but however, not reasonable enough I believe. It was $5 bucks an hour and capped out at $15 bucks a day. So there were kids in there 12 hours on the weekend and were paying just over a dollar an hour. And during the week, they had close to no business. From the story I heard from the guy who acutally ran it day-to-day, the main investor wasn't paying him a fair share of the profits so he decided to quit running it and that was the end of it. I don't believe that verison of the story as the guy wasn't very credible.

    The second time through, he and his wife decided to take a different approach, and hosted lan parties at varies businesses who rent out their conference rooms over the weekend and they charged $10-15 dollars for entry, and gave away a t-shirt to everybody and prizes (door and event). They personally went into huge debt this time as they reportedly lost hundreds of dollars each event (and would bitch about it constantly on their forums about the immature kids).

    There have been a few others around the metro area I've heard about, but never attended any of their events. I assume they have all disolved as well because I haven't heard anything about them in years. Honestly the only one that has lasted awhile is one ran by a group of students from the university but it is only once a semister (or once a year I forgot), and has only happened the last two years.

    Honestly, I don't see a market for it as most people who already have the computer setup and games will just play from home.

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    Game development is now more unique than ever. Most students are engaged in training and begin to delve into the process of game development for how they make skrill esports and understand how it is beneficial. Games generate not only entertainment but also earnings. Therefore it is important to record all game ideas.

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    This is one of my favorite entrepreneurial venture ideas. This sounds like a positive spin on the classic Internet Cafe. I put together a model and a plan for an internet cafe after high school before I really started studying business but knew entrepreneurship was in my blood. My trouble with working the books on this was two fold. One issue I had was the margin from "ticket sales" which is what the revenue looks kind of like from an accounting perspective. The other issue I had was the trends in the industry. For the investment required to do one of these projects right, the return on investment is really disappointing for quite some time. Then due to Moore's law and depreciation, by the time you have your internet Cafe paid off, it has become obsolete because of the dated equipment seems ancient compared to new equipment. I do absolutely love this idea, but its feasibility for long-term success is hard to work in the numbers.

    Would love to discuss this further,

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