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    How to protect income ?

    WHAT company form would be the best to protect any generated income from future possible claims ?

    says, that it is a separate and distinct legal entity.
    What means, what ever profit the C-Corporation would make, it's the profit of the company - but not mine, right ?

    For instance:
    Let's say the C-Corporation's annual corporate income would be $100k - I have to pay the Federal and State Income Taxes for the Corporation, right ?

    And also, can I leave all profit within the company ?
    Or do I have to pay the profit to my shareholders ?

    My goal is clear. I want to make sure that my personal income get's down to the bare minimum.

    Curious if that would work or not.

    Since an LLC has a pass through taxation, I am assuming that any profit would automatically count as my personal income.
    Which I want to avoid - if possible.

    I have personal reasons why I want to keep my my annual income at the bare minimum.
    Just looking for possible answers, what's feasible and legal practical doable.

    Thx for any hints, ideas, and infos !
    I really appreciate that !

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    I also think the insurance is the best way to protect the income. You just should to decide what causes you would insure

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    Protect Injury and Illness Insurance provides great cover and is a much better deal than employees having to take out their own income protection insurance. Protect provides great financial security and peace of mind for your employees and helps employers to retain key staff.

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    To protect your income follow these Strategies,

    Civil Bonds.

    Long haul Capital Gains.

    Begin a Business.

    Maximize Workplace Retirement.

    Get a Health Savings Account.

    Get IRS Credit.

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