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    Exporting/Marketing from US to other countries
    Hello all,

    Just joined a few days ago, but felt I needed to start a thread in this area.

    My company is interested in selling our product overseas, more to the point in selling our finished raw material for repackaging overseas into a local label. However short of sending an affiliate, or spending obtuse amounts of money on a marketing firm we have been having troubles getting in contact with anyone who can help us with the leg work of getting a product into another country.

    Any thoughts, suggestions, comments on this line would be appreciated.


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    Re: Exporting/Marketing from US to other countries
    Hi Seth:

    Since it is not very clear what sort of product you are dealing with, I will be a bit generic in my answer.

    Your goal of course is to find buyers for your materials in other countries. Sounds easy but as you have found, buyers don't stand around waving money looking for things to buy. Normally they already are doing business and have existing suppliers.

    You note that you don't want to spend a big chunk of money to get up and running, so here are a few ideas:

    a. OK, this one is somewhat expensive: travel to a trade show and attend the show as a buyer rather than set up an expensive booth during your first visit. This is a good way to dig up leads, check out the market, etc. Always be sure to get a copy of the show registry book listing all the exhibitors, as this kind of info always ends up being useful sometime down the road.

    b. Make contact with someone in the target country via the internet, either via a forum like this, or by surfing around and finding interesting websites and emailing their owner.

    c. The US government has a special office that can give you tips. I forget the name, but it is something like the Commercial Trade and Services office.

    Hope that helps!

    Thomas at Innovatize

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    This is a lucrative business you got there. It is simply one of the things that is really good. - Phillip Elden

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