View Poll Results: Is Networking in a business really worth the effort?

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    I am researching business networking for a new subject I am writing for university.

    I would like to have any responses from people who have had success in using a network. I would also like to know peoples opinions about how they see the benefits of these types of networks in their businesses.

    Please be aware that anything said may be used in a reference in the text book which is being written. We will of course let you know that you have been cited if we do so use your quote.

    Please let me know your thouths and feelings on networking for businesses.

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    I am doing a college paper on the same subject. Thanks it helped me also.Tell me how to make a survey tread like this.

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    I've been a Business Operations Manager since 2003 and a Business Operations Consultant now for the last few years (full time). I would not be as successful completing my Client's projects without networking. When I need to understand insurance (for example) there are a number of insurance agents I've met either running someone else's company or I've met during a networking function. Last week, I needed to understand establishing a sales department for a marketing firm, I contacted another Operations Manager who I knew had experience with this. On and on and on. I get new business when I network but to me, it's equally important to find and connect with other professionals that can help you meet your Client's objectives. I typically set objectives for each function I attend: is it my goal to meet colleagues or Clients. That depends on the types of functions I attend. Hope that helps.

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