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    Funding suggestion Offered
    Hello: Omc, I congratulate you on your effort in trying to develop your product. Acquiring the required capital can be a significant retardant to many entrepreneurs. It is my desire to see you raise the required funding to get your project off the ground.

    The most brilliant answer is ICO. There is a community which I belong to that I suggest you can buy profitable stocks. Hold for few months and then sell some of your dividends and you are good to go.

    One of my friends bought some stocks for 'peanuts' and in just nine short months he now enjoys a 8-figure (Euros) networth. At the end of the day he owes no one a penny. How much dough he spent buying the stock?.....this will shock you.

    There are good and productive opportunities out there, but you'll sometimes never know until you ask the right person.

    You may PM me or send me an email at for assistance.

    Looking forward to your success.

    I'm trying to develop an educational product. But the product is now in a stage that we need a good lump sum of money. We thought about diferent types of fund raising like: Investors, Loans, Partnership with other companies.

    We will like to now what kind of negotiations we could do with Investors or with a Company?[/QUOTE]

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