I'm in the process of opening up a wholesales kitchen cabinet in Houston, Texas. Our orginal plan was to inventory our cabinets at a warehouse for ready to delivered the same day. This business model is alot different than the home improvement companies or cabinet stores. We are only carrying a small selected amount of line so we don't have too much inventory. We have done enough research to know what line might sell and what might not.

One of the orginial partners backed out of the partnership to invest in another venture. This make it difficult for me to finance this entire project. I have scaled the entire business back to where I have only a show room.

My distributor is out of Orange county, California and I'm in Houston, Texas. I wonder if any of you have any experience with shipping Less than Truck-load shipping (LTL) or any other method.

Every cabinets will come in its own box. The system is Ready to Assemble (RTA); very similar to how Ikea does their business.

The distributor doesn't ship very much outside the state or their region. The reason I like this distributor is that their products are high quality and very low price. All our products will be on Pallets and ready to pick up.

So I ask, does anyone know what is the best method to do this and make it affordable?

Thanks for your help!!!!