One of the things I learned in setting up my business that was most useful came from Michael Gerber the business guru who wrote his famous books about the E-Myth. Iíd like to share with you today one of his ideas that impressed me most. At the heart of it is the idea that you should systematise your business. That is, you should analyze all of the things you do to make your business run and record them. What you are trying to do is write a set of instructions for running your business that a stranger could follow. Of course what you will have at the end of it is an Operations Manual. And thatís really what I am recommending to you; that you start today setting up an operations manual for your business.
It does not all have to come together at once. The process can be a simple one of you just making a note from time to time about tasks just completed or about to be started. Ask each member of your staff to do the same.

The important thing is that you keep a record of that and there can be no better way then recording at in a document file on your computer. The process of pulling all the pieces together and putting them under appropriate headings can be one for another day. The important thing is that you start now.

What are benefits to be gained from doing this? I believe they are twofold. Firstly you will gain so much more clarity about your business and have such a better handle on your own role in it that you will be able more easily find time to work on your business rather than continuously work in your business. And this is very important for business success. The other big benefit of this sort of documentation is that it clarifies the roles of everyone else in your organisation. It becomes a comparatively easy matter to provide them with job descriptions all for you to produce a set of criteria when you are looking for new staff.

As Michael Gerber points out, a good way for you to think of this as you approach the task, is that you are about to franchise your business. In other words you want to provide a newcomer with a complete set of instructions for how to make their businesses a success.