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    Why Do Entrepreneurs Struggle So Much With Business Plans?
    The Business Plan is one document that many business owners, or aspiring owners, will have at least a passing familiarity with. However, it is the cause of much discussion and even contempt amongst entrepreneurs who struggle with starting it, or get completely overwhelmed by figuring out what to include and how.

    I have built, reviewed, and acted on many business plans in my 12 year career as a business owner, business advisor and investor. For me, some of the characteristics of a successful and relevant business plan stand out. However, in conversations with entrepreneurs, I often get asked a range of questions from the sections that need to be included, to validating assumptions, to the best approach to physically complete a plan.

    A truly relevant business plan cannot be created without context and some validation of the business concept. This is true whether you are at the early stage of building a business, or are seeking funding for your business from a bank or an investor. How do you go about validating your business idea so it helps in not only creating a solid plan, but also lends credibility in front of different audiences?

    And finally, the weakness of many plans is perhaps the reason why many business plans are shelved soon after they are produced. This puts the business at risk. A well thought out business plan (or excerpts thereof) should be used as a live document that is referred to by senior management and also the wider staff. How do you use your business plan day to day or month to month in your business, and if not why not?

    I would be very keen to hear from business owners, or those looking to start a business, about what they struggle with when it comes to thinking about putting together a business plan for their business. What are your concerns? What intimidates you about building a plan? Where do you feel you need more help, and what specific areas do you lack confidence in? Ultimately, what do you want to know more about validating, building, and executing your business plan?

    Understanding your experience of working with business plans will help me to understand how I can better help companies who may suffer from similar problems when it comes to validating, building and executing business plans.

    I look forward to hearing people's experiences.



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    The milk and the cream.

    You have heard of the 80/20 rule?

    Well I was always told it as the milk and the cream, but it's the same concept.

    The milk in your business is the client who is just there but is no guarantee for the longer term. However he also represents the MAJORITY of your clients unless you convert them into keepers.

    This is where your better business starts. But it's where most businesses end unless they find the recipe for converting them to longer-term CREAM customers.

    Now the cream.

    This is your 20% of clients who produce 80% of your biz. Respect them send them end of year cards and you'll keep them loyal.

    From what you have said so far it sounds like you have a couple of cream customers and no milk to thrive on.

    And you are waiting for the phones to ring.

    Don't be scared of not selling yourself short, be scared of not selling!

    There are people out there in your local area who need to know about you to become good milk customers. Grab the phone and a list of potential customers and start dialing!

    And learn to convert a no into an appointment. Read the books with the sales techniques to help you meter across the potential clients from the definite non-starters.

    And last of all do it sooner than later. It can be very hard to make business calls when you are on your last pennies.

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    Now as the technology is improving and the future is looking more striking, people are not hesitant to listen to the sweet intonations of the entrepreneurs. They are ready to accept these undertones technological music, which are no doubt the endowments of the entrepreneurs to us. As the world is changing, the industrial giants are accepting the technological evolving schemes and expanding their horizons.

    No doubt future is unpredictable, but if we analyze the changes that are happening, we expect more sophisticated and streamlined human and machine interface in the future. Machine learning and artificial intelligence will transfer the industries, which will give way to the automatic transformation of manual operations. We will also expect that the dim lines which are now separating the companies from their people will be removed with the introduction of the advanced and sophisticated interface.

    And as a business formation service provider, I would be suggesting the games to the companies who are planning to incorporate, which they intend to win. And, in whichever company you are operating either in e-commerce or digital marketing, you need to change you present to adopt the future.

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    The main thing will be to do your business plan validation so that you are aware that it is perfect. You must know the trends in the market before you step into it

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    Some entrepreneurs fail to write business plans because they don't want to test their ideas too much, for fear they won't withstand the scrutiny. Taken seriously, a business plan will show that some businesses should not be started, a possibility some entrepreneurs don't want to confront.

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