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    Hey, I guess this place has gone quiet... But still, hear me out. My old neighbours sold their house and shortly new neighbours moved in. Turns out they wanted to open up a dental clinic at the building. It was all good and what not but I personally think they needed some serious decoration to do. They had pretty bad taste in the decor aspect of the house. Shame really, I'm not that bright at ideas and would fail to help them.
    Just going to give you some advice on what to do after you get the new building. This is something I didn't really pay much attention too. The interior design. I can help you with making your building look fantastic on the inside. My mate bought himself some property and I remember the design inside was mind-blowing! He told me he picked up some ideas thanks to They have everything, from bathrooms and bedrooms to gardens accessories!

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    I did that once, I wrote the house off, thanks to a friend of mine. I asked him for help he did everything and I had no problems for a period of time. About a year ago I got some problems with law, like that was illegal and I moved in I started my business here from nothing, and even from 2 rooms out of four I made a little office. The point is I had problems after about 4 years and I have been obliged to leave. Now a have a huge apartment and I am happy that my business goes on.

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