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    Structure for sigle manager overseeing multiple Businesses with single owner

    I've recently been promoted within a small group of businesses owned by the same individual.
    I've been asked to oversee the operations of all the owners businesses (2 restaurants, bakery, catering, small grocery store) while still managing the business I currently run for her (small vacation resort).

    I've been trying to find some advice on if/how to restructure the businesses so that we can easily share resources and staff (mainly me) with out putting the burden of my salary on only one business.

    What i've found is to possibly form an S-corp that would then own all of the operating LLC's while keeping the property holding LLC's separate and leasing everything to the S-corp or the operating LLC's. With the S-corp carrying my salary and the administrative costs.

    any advise or thoughts would be appreciated.

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    Hey Elliot!

    It sounds like you're on the right track.

    I would definitely recommend tying all the business together under an S-Corp.

    Once you do that, each LLC can pay the S-corp a percentage of your salary as well as pay the S-corp of other shared costs.

    Any time you find a resource (human or non-human), you can have the S-corp pay for it and then have each subsidiary pay their share to the S-Corp.

    With that being said, speak with an attorney. There are some extra legalities in regards to having an S-Corp.

    Setting up a board, filings, etc.

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