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    If you are looking for the hosting offers then you have to try . I have been using this from last two years and had a great services and offers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eri View Post
    I have been using Startlogic for years but having major problems with the e-mails. Looking to move the website (which is not used much) and the e-mail (which is CRITICAL).

    In reviewing the "independent" reviews it looks like some of the recommendations are; Yahoo small business, InMotion, and Dreamhost. But all of those are really just marketing sites doing the

    Any suggestions?


    Hey Eri! I'm new to this forum and so far browsing it, I love it. My passion is to be able to help businesses like yours to succeed through purposeful technology.

    For your website, I would highly recommend Bluehost. I have been using them for years and actually have a VPS hosted there with a couple websites on it.

    As for e-mail, which in my opinion, is ALWAYS critical. I would suggest looking at subscribing to Google Suite for Business. I know people sometimes struggle with the cost of $5/per user/per month, but it is truly one of the most reliable and spam free email services I have ever seen.

    If money is tight, you can always use Zoho Mail. They offer 25 email addresses with their free subscription.

    I would be happy to assist with anything you need. I hate pitching my services typically because I feel like I'm "patting my own back", but I'm truly doing it to help other businesses thrive. (That's why my services are so reasonably priced)

    I configure and move email services starting at $5 on if you want to check it out!

    Blessings on your venture.


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    Hi Adam - this is very useful information.

    I am currently evaluating email hosting and productivity tools options for my small business of 3 people.

    I feel Office 365 Business Premium looks a sound option and I have seen ok pricing of 90 + VAT per user via a few of their Microsoft Gold Partners. The features that appeal to me are the desktop application licence for their Office suite (desktop and cloud), email hosting, 1tb onedrive, collaboration tools (like sharepoint and skype for business), and the fact it is the industry standard. But the increased annual cost as I add users is a concern.

    Are you or anyone else able to suggest a package of low cost or free tools that mimic the overall functionality of Office 365 Business Premium?

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