Here are a few tips to choosing the right investment advisor:

1.Identify your biggest needs. You may have a complex issue that you need help with, may have a few issues, or you may be looking for a true holistic approach.
2.Ask your friends and family. The best way to find an advisor is finding one someone else or multiple people recommend. Many advisors will seem like a good choice in the initial sales process. You need to figure out how they are 5–10 years down the road and the level of service they give each client.
3.Make sure they’re qualified. Make sure your investor is who they say they are and they truly earned the credentials they say they have.
4.Review their form ADV or Form U-5. These documents provide information on the advisors business and past records.
5.Search professional databases. Look into this NAPFA database for instance.
6.Figure out if they specialize in clients like you. Different people have different planning needs. Whatever is important to you make sure your advisor has experience in that.
7.Figure out how you pay your advisor. Make sure the fees you pay are reasonable and you’re not paying an advisor commission.
8.Find someone you trust and get along with. You will hopefully have a long lasting relationship with the person you choose to advise you. Make sure you trust them and their professional opinion.

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