Hi everybody ,

I'm a new aspiring entrepreneur with little experience. I have been putting a lot of thought and have done much research on my dream business.

I'm trying to start a mid-high designer housware (tableware, cutlery, etc) business that focuses on packaging, design, and quality. The more I get into the details the more I'm finding lots of challenges of the luxury business that requires good harmony between the volume and the retail channel target.

Retailers seem to pick up very small quantities that won't meet my minimum order quantity from my suppliers. This really puts a strangle hold on my business if i can't find the right balance between channels and the right volume. Because I'm trying to target a niche market I can't randomly make up price policies and find random channels just to keep afloat (as tempting as it is).

Does anyone have ideas as to how I can improve my distribution without compromising on the retail channels? Designer channels are niche and limited and I can't seem to find any trade shows for housewares that deal with designer products where the right retailers will be attending.

Any advice or successful case studies for the regular joe will be helpful. Many thanks