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    Importing for Dummies!

    I'm just getting started in the Importing business and I'd like some resources. I've looked online for books on Importing, and have found many, but I'm afraid of buying something that is just a waist of money & time.

    Does anyone have have reccommendations on books that will help me on getting the basics? I need to learn about tarrifs, shipping arrangements, taxes, agents, ect, ect.

    I'm primarily looking at importing from SouthAmerica/Brazil.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi BrazilImports,

    Where are you exporting to? The US?
    This website describes some key parts:
    The site looks terrible but it has very important information for everyone looking into starting an import/export business.

    I assume you have connections in Brazil and are fluent in the language? This is very important to get everything going. Although you will be traveling quite a lot, you don't want your business to grind to a halt whenever you leave the country so make sure you have people who are willing to help you in both countries.

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