I have created a new type of transportable personal shopping cart that connects to the rear of your car that you can take back and forth from home to the grocery store and shop with your own cart. I'm planning to market these personal carts to local small business people to advertise their business when they go grocery shopping. Each cart with have four different advertising displays on all four sides of the cart. If you went to the grocery store only once a week the cost for one 12" x 34" ad would be about $5.00 a trip per cart. Of course if you went to the store more than once a week the cost per trip would go down considerably. As a small business person, is this something you would ever consider adding to your media mix? I have not started selling these carts yet and I'm only looking for feedback on the concept with this post. When I do start selling them it will be in my local area first.
Thanks, MrKleencart

ps there is no Mr in my dot com